Mug O’ Comfort Swap

mugocomfortswapI was so excited and honored to be a part of Mug o’ Comfort Swap through Chaotic Goddess Swaps!

I was paired with the delightful Beth from Living a Goddess Life!  She lives in Seattle which is only four hours from my hometown of Portland, Oregon and we’ve been exchanging fabulous emails and I’m loving my new friend and blogging buddy!

So thanks to the pain in the butt that is the New York mail system I didn’t ghet my package until Friday 😦 but it is WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!


Love that the package was wrapped with pink zebra striped duct tape!  It made the package much more fun than boring shipping tape!





The package was full of so many awesome goodies:


An awesome hot pad to rest my teapots or hot mugs–I love that she crafted it all herself!  I look forward to putting my teapot on it soon!  I also LOVE that everything had a note that explained!


I love Chai and I love the purple orca spiced chai!  I can’t wait to try this!  Chai is definitely a newer obsession of mine.



Three whole different kinds of coffee!  Even though it was ten o’clock last night when I opened it, the smell permeated through the house and I was ready to brew a cup of coffee right then and there!



Tea, tea, tea!  So many different kinds of tea that I am excited to add to my repertoire of tea drinks!  My favorite thing to do is have different types of tea every day lately so this is perfect!



Homemade hot chocolate mix, I am so excited for this one!  I love hot chocolate and I love that Beth made her own hot chocolate for me!



I love the colors of the mug and how shiny it is!



A book because what better than to sit with a hot drink and a fabulous book?  this one looks super interesting and I can’t wait to read it and get back to you.




The perfect card to go with the tea box!  The green stamp acts like a tea tag!

This was definitely the perfect way to join the blog linking party world and I look forward to participating in future swaps and more blog fun!

Thank you Beth for the amazing package!  And thank you Angie for getting me involved in this awesome swap!!!!!



2 thoughts on “Mug O’ Comfort Swap

  1. YAY! I’m so glad you liked everything! I hope you enjoy the drinkables. And thanks for being an awesome partner, and for joining us on this swap! 😀

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