Foodie Fridays: Cafe Blossom and Molly’s Cupcakes

Last weekend my roommate and I decided, after both working all day Sunday, to go to the West Village and eat at one of our favorite vegan restaurants, Cafe Blossom.  Yum!  We’ve been coming here for over a year now and enjoy every visit!

Cafe Blossom


Cafe Blossom has quite a few locations around New York and we’ve been to two of them, the one in the West Village, on Carmine and the one in Chelsea on 9th Avenue.  My favorite by far is the one on Carmine-I love the West Village and I love the menu at this once.

We started off with drinks, Russell had a Sangria and I had the Montague which was had tru gin, fruitlab jasmine liqueur, lakewood pomegranate, prosecco. . . . YUM!!!

Cafe Blossom Russell Drink  Cafe Blossom Rachel Drink

Russell looks all snazzy because he is a principal and had class that day–he’s wearing his American tie in honor of a debate he had for a program  I, on the other hand, look every bit the camp director in my fleece.  I had been up at camp for a tour and didn’t think I should show my camp t-shirt while I was having a drink!

I definitely have two favorite appetizers there.  The first is trumpet mushroom scallops, cauliflower puree, sweet onion jam on potato crisps.  True story, the first time Russell and I ate there, Russell asked the waiter if these were real scallops because we don’t eat scallops. The waiter wasn’t sure what to respond to that!  Sadly this time, the potato crisps were not as crisp as usual.  It was still good though.

Second appetizer was fresh, made to order guacamole with corn chips.  I LOVE avocado and guacamole but cannot stand cilantro or raw onion so one of the things I love about this restaurant is that you can get the avocado (with a touch of lemon juice) and then you can get the pico de gallo on the side.  Perfect because Russell can get his spicy kick and I can enjoy my avocado goodness!

Cafe Blossom Trumpet Mushroom Scallops Cafe Blossom Guacamole

We each chose different main courses.  Russell chose the Seitan Marsala which came with roasted potatoes, sautéed spinach, shallots, beets, jalapeno, figs, marsala jus.

I got seitan and mushroom sliders, caramelized onions, pesto mayo, housemade tomato sauce, mozzarella, salt and vinegar garlic fries.

Cafe Blossom Seitan Marsala  Cafe Blossom Seitan and Mushroom Sliders


So generally speaking I have enjoyed every meal here.  This time was less than fabulous.  The guacamole was really good and the sliders were great and Russell loved his marsala.  My complains were that the potato crisps were kind of soggy and they actually goofed up my main order, bringing something else so then it took another ten minutes to prepare the correct order.

I would still recommend this restaurant because it is generally quite good.

Afterwards, because we were in the neighborhood and because we are huge cupcake nerds, we walked around the corner to Molly’s Cupcakes.  Yummy!  Here are some pictures from there.

Molly's Cupcakes  Molly's Cupcakes


Molly's Cupcakes  Molly's Cupcakes

Molly's Cupcakes

So unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the cupcakes but we had some amazing ones.  Russell got a Nutella banana cupcake, cookee monster, and the mixed berry.

I had the creme brûlée  dark chocolate something and birthday cake.  Very tasty cupcakes always!


All in all, it was a fun evening and we had a great time hanging out in the West Village.  Now, as I am winding down my time in New York, we are trying to hit as many of the restaurants that are on my list as possible.  You will definitely see a ton of NY restaurants in the next few weeks!



2 thoughts on “Foodie Fridays: Cafe Blossom and Molly’s Cupcakes

  1. If I ever get a chance to visit New York, I will know exactly where to eat (which is, apparently, all over, all the time). How do you find these awesome little places??

    • This one we just found from walking around and using Different ones come from different places–a lot of the ones come from the Food Network! I definitely love finding new places to eat!

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