Foodie Fridays-Mesa

I am so way behind!  Right after I decided to move back to Portland, the bestie and the biffle and I tried to go to a few of the restaurants on our must eat at list.  We actually did pretty well, I think we hit four or five of them in about two and a half weeks!

One of them was Mesa, Bobby Flay’s restaurant.  This happened to be right by the biffle’s work so it was easy peasy for her to make it and the bestie and I met her at her office.

Mesa is definitely Mexican food and I am quite sensitive to spice (although I have gotten better with the years) AND I HATE HATE cilantro (so does my mom-genetics!) so it was somewhat difficult finding stuff that I would like and the other two would feel had heat but we did good.

We started off with some drinks (all virgin tonight, it was a work night after all)



The bestie got a beer that I couldn’t describe because I’m not a beer drinker.  The biffle got a lemonade but quickly switched to my beautiful pink drink.  I got a virgin prickly pear margarita and it was DEEEELICIOUS!  I definitely could have had more of these and would have loved the tequila in them as well.

We split two appetizers: Rough Cut Tuna Nachos with Mango-Habanero Hot Sauce and Avocado Crema and Cremini Mushroom Quesadilla with fontina, ricotta, a fried egg and salsa verde.

Mesa Appetizers


Both were really good but I definitely found that there was too much hotness and cilantro in the rough cut tuna which made me sad because I love raw fish.  I ended up enjoying the quesadilla much more.

The bestie went pescetarian and got the side of spinach.  He got the Ancho Chile-Honey Glazed Salmon with a spicy black bean sauce, tomatilla salsa and a roasted jalapeno crema with a side of spinach.  Not my personal choices but I didn’t have to eat them and he really enjoyed them!

Russell Main Course Mesa


Sorry for the horrid photography-I’m working on that one :).

The biffle and I split two main dishes: Grilled Lamb Porterhouse Chops with blackberry-cascabel barbecue sauce and collard greens with smoked chiles and Crispy preserved duck with a pink peppercorn-honey lime glaze served with wild rice tamale and sage butter.

Rachel and Jen Main Mesa


Both were incredibly tasty but I actually fell in love with the rice stuffed tamale.  So good and delicious!

Three of us so three desserts to split:

Mesa Desserts


The one to the left is sticky toffee pudding with salted cajeta and vanilla bean ice cream. The top one is deep dish banana pie with praline wafer and hazelnut brittle and the bottom right one is Chocolate pretzel tart with spicy peanut butter-chocolate swirl ice cream.

I went in expecting to love the last one because seriously, what could be better than chocolate and peanut butter mixed together?  Then I took one bite of the spicy ice cream and was no longer so happy.  I am not a huge banana dessert fan but I ended up LOVING that banana pie.

Overall, Mesa was a good restaurant albiet probably not one I would run back to when I visit.  But I enjoyed.

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