Winner freebies!

A couple of cool packages came this week!  The first from Bzzz Agent:

Bzz Agent Pompeian Olive Oil         I got a bottle of Pompeian Olive Oil free to try!  It may be the Italian in me but I LOVE Olive Oil and use it to cook with more than I use butter, margarine or any other oils.  I love the taste and the simplicity and am looking forward to cooking with this one or just using it to dip some good bread into!

Also, a few weeks back I won a giveaway hosted by Jessica at Frikken Duckie (LOVE the name!!!!!) to Lotus Blossom Design.  There were so many gorgeous pieces to choose from and it literally took me three weeks to finally decide what to get!  I love what I ordered and how pretty it was when it came:

A Lotus Blossom Design

How pretty is everything packaged!  And the thank you card was such a sweet touch!

So the first necklace I chose was actually inspired by Frikken Duckie and I FELL IN LOVE with it!

Frikken Duckie Necklace It actually goes really well with a pair of earrings I got from Lace Affair in December so I wore them together out karaoking with friends Friday night and love how they looked together.
The second necklace was equally as gorgeous but now I can’t find the name of the necklace nor do I see it on their website but here is a picture of it:

Lotus Blossom Design

I love it!  I actually loved it so much I gave it to my mom to wear on Friday!  So we were both wearing the necklaces I got on Friday!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve done pretty well with the giveaways.  I also won a giveaway from Sara Elizabeth from Pearls & Curls.  Have you seen those awesome Vino2Go cups from Product Farm?  I have and I’ve been wanting one since the first one I saw because I love wine!  I won one from Sara Elizabeth and it arrived yesterday!  Of course I had to break it open right away:

Vino2Go  Vino2Go Vino2Go

And break out the wine:

Vino2Go  Vino2Go

And relax in the amazing weather we’ve been having:


Yup, living the nice life!

Some big changes coming up: I bought a fancy camera!  No more (soon) iphone pictures dominating my blog!  It should arrive tomorrow so I’ll post about that.  Also, I am changing my blog name and rebranding!  I’ve decided now that I’m posting regularly and getting into the blogging world, I should have a blog name that people can pronounce so be on the lookout for that release!

I’m also going to my first blog event on Saturday!  I cannot wait to tell you all about that!!!

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