Foodie Friday: Making Lemonade

For fourth of July, my mother had a huge bag of lemons and thoughts of making lemonade.  So she handed me the bag and said, Rachel, why don’t we make some lemonade?

I pulled up my handy friend Google and searched for some easy lemonade recipes.  Thankfully my mom has a great juicer so it was easy to get the lemons squeezed.  The first time I made it (July 4th) we made it simple:

1 cup lemon juice

Simple Syrup (1 cup sugar (we used splenda) and 1 cup water boiled together until it was blended)

4 cups cold water.

Making Lemonade   Making Lemonade


The simple syrup was actually a lot easier to make than I thought it was going to be and I am going to try and make some simple syrup to keep in the fridge to drink with iced tea this summer.

Making Lemonade       Making Lemonade


Friday night we decided to get a little fancy and add strawberries to the mixture.

Making Lemonade  Making Lemonade


We muddled some of the strawberries with the simple syrup and then cut the rest to float in the lemonade.  It was super delicious.  Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the pitcher but now that I know how easy it is to make, I will definitely be making this often this summer and I’d love to try it with different things.

Two things I would like to try with the lemonade: put some lavender in with the simple syrup as it cooks for lavender infused lemonade; and grow some spearmint and muddle that for the amazing Israeli drink, limonana.  Yum!  I can’t wait!

Making Lemonade     Making Lemonade

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