Go big or go home

I so thought I was on the mend last week. Ha was I wrong! In short, I was admitted to the hospital Thursday night and it turns out on top of the stomach bug, I had gallstones.

So Friday I got my gallbladder out and then promptly started having a reaction that was first diagnosed as an infection but turns out was a reaction to antibiotics. So I ended up in the hospital until Sunday and was back in the ER Tuesday night with this horrible reaction.

Now I look like a pariah, having never been one to have problems with my skin, I now somewhat understand teen acne except it is all over my body.

So I’m taking a breather until I get figured out.

Also I’m looking to redesign my blog, I have a new logo and a new name-let me know if you know an awesome blog designer! Thanks!

8 thoughts on “Go big or go home

  1. Hi Rachel, wow, so sorry to hear how sick you were.I jut saw the post… I am not on facebook enough to keep up with everything, but glad I caught this . Feel Better!!! Love to everyone, Alyssa

  2. Yikes! I hope your body gets calmed down soon…what an ordeal! 😦
    I’m sure the skin issues are from the stress of chemical reactions, etc. Let me know if you need a care package of some good books and tea while you recover. 🙂

  3. glad to hear you’re feeling better! looking forward to the redesign. i used marquis at simply clark…lmk if you want her info. super nice and prompt and affordable!

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