Local Flavor Swap Show off!



Yay for swaps!  This was the third Chaotic Goddess swap I participated in and I was so excited because I love to showcase Portland, Oregon!  I had such fun shopping for Paulina  from Color Me Brave, hailing to us from New Jersey!  Now just having spent the last three years in New York, NJ tends to get a bad rap as a nothing special place.  I need to disagree!  First of all, New Jersey is beautifully green!  Secondly, you have the Jersey shore–what’s more famous than that!?

But onto the fun goodies I got sent!

Local Flavor Swap   Local Flavor Swap

also were two big bags of M&M’s-plain and pretzel, yum!

Local Flavor SwapNothing more local than a scarf made by Paulina!  I can’t wait to use this as the weather turns colder–I love the colors and the pattern!  I need to learn to fancy knit!



Local Flavor Swap   Local Flavor Swap


I think the poppy is going to look awesome in the office I’m setting up for myself so I can’t wait to get that potted and paper is a much needed commodity in my office now!

She also wrote a super sweet note and spoke about all the infamous incidents that her town is known for–oh well, still a NJ lover here!

Thanks, Paulina for the goodies and make sure to check out Color Me Brave to see the awesome Oregon goodies!

4 thoughts on “Local Flavor Swap Show off!

  1. I didn’t know Ocean Spray and Campbell’s were NJ brands! The poppy makes sense, given NJ is the Garden State (and how! I agree- very green and gorgeous). The scarf is really pretty, too. Yay!

  2. There was a pot too, but on my way to the post office since I didn’t have a box at home I carried everything in and the pot broke in the post office. It was very upsetting and embarrassing that I made a mess in the post office.

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