Local Flavor Swap Show off!



Yay for swaps!  This was the third Chaotic Goddess swap I participated in and I was so excited because I love to showcase Portland, Oregon!  I had such fun shopping for Paulina  from Color Me Brave, hailing to us from New Jersey!  Now just having spent the last three years in New York, NJ tends to get a bad rap as a nothing special place.  I need to disagree!  First of all, New Jersey is beautifully green!  Secondly, you have the Jersey shore–what’s more famous than that!?

But onto the fun goodies I got sent!

Local Flavor Swap   Local Flavor Swap

also were two big bags of M&M’s-plain and pretzel, yum!

Local Flavor SwapNothing more local than a scarf made by Paulina!  I can’t wait to use this as the weather turns colder–I love the colors and the pattern!  I need to learn to fancy knit!



Local Flavor Swap   Local Flavor Swap


I think the poppy is going to look awesome in the office I’m setting up for myself so I can’t wait to get that potted and paper is a much needed commodity in my office now!

She also wrote a super sweet note and spoke about all the infamous incidents that her town is known for–oh well, still a NJ lover here!

Thanks, Paulina for the goodies and make sure to check out Color Me Brave to see the awesome Oregon goodies!

Cara Box-August Reveal




This month has totally been off from start to finish but thankfully we are at August 28th and the month is almost over!

It started out pretty good, with my birthday but then I had a fender bender and ended up with thousands of dollars of damage to the front of my car–it was my fault, I rear ended someone and their hitch got caught under my car :(.


So, two weeks without a car, sudden gallbladder surgery, antibiotic reaction and now slowly getting back to a semblance normal.  Exciting things are happening–I have finally ironed out my fall schedule-I will be working three smaller jobs and am VERY excited about all of them!

I’m also finally seriously redesigning my blog!  I bought my new domain name and am working with an AWESOME designer, I’ll share more about that as soon as it’s unveiled.  If you follow me on other forms of social media, you can see I’ve changed my name and logo but I will do a fun reveal soon!

One of the things I did for the first time this month was get involved with Cara Box.   Cara Box is organized every month by Kaitlyn at Wifessionals and I’ve been reading about it for months but haven’t had the courage to sign up.  I am so glad that I finally did!  Every month there was a different theme and this month we were matched by ages and stages in life-so early thirties single ladies unite!

I was paired with two lovely ladies-Victoria from Lost in Boston, one of my favorite cities and now a place I want to go back and do Yoga at Harvard Yard!  You can head over to her site to see what I got her.  Sadly I did not get to actually shop in person as I was confined to my bed but Amazon is amazing in a pinch and I hope she enjoys!

I was sent items from the delightful Melissa from My Busy Life who recently just moved to Texas.  She sent the perfect recovery package and I’ve already been indulging!

Cara BoxNot only is this a perfect item for when you are recovering and need to drink plenty of fluids, but my glass water bottle broke the day before this came!  It’s small enough that I can throw it in my bag and carry it with me!





Cara Box   Cara Box   Cara Box


The headbands have already gotten lots of use!  The candle is open next to my bed and I LOVE that she sent me Dead Sea Mask!

Cara Box      Cara Box


I can’t wait to try the tea iced and I’ve been making the vanilla biscotti coffee every morning, yum!

Cara Box Love the card and the picture!!!

All in all, I am so happy that I participated in Cara Box this month!  It is now switching to quarterly but I can’t wait to meet some more fun bloggers from around the country!!!!




In the meantime, consistency will reign again with my blogging!  I’ve gotten organized and ordered a paper planner and set up a new office nook to work in as well as working on setting clear hours for this endeavor.

Thanks for your patience while I reset everything!

Valuable blogging lesson

A valuable blogging lesson has been leaned: editorial calendars are great! But it never hurts to pre-schedule posts.

I had a great editorial calendar for the month of August that just got thrown off track by a nasty stomach bug. Regular posting will resume Friday!

Winner freebies!

A couple of cool packages came this week!  The first from Bzzz Agent:

Bzz Agent Pompeian Olive Oil         I got a bottle of Pompeian Olive Oil free to try!  It may be the Italian in me but I LOVE Olive Oil and use it to cook with more than I use butter, margarine or any other oils.  I love the taste and the simplicity and am looking forward to cooking with this one or just using it to dip some good bread into!

Also, a few weeks back I won a giveaway hosted by Jessica at Frikken Duckie (LOVE the name!!!!!) to Lotus Blossom Design.  There were so many gorgeous pieces to choose from and it literally took me three weeks to finally decide what to get!  I love what I ordered and how pretty it was when it came:

A Lotus Blossom Design

How pretty is everything packaged!  And the thank you card was such a sweet touch!

So the first necklace I chose was actually inspired by Frikken Duckie and I FELL IN LOVE with it!

Frikken Duckie Necklace It actually goes really well with a pair of earrings I got from Lace Affair in December so I wore them together out karaoking with friends Friday night and love how they looked together.
The second necklace was equally as gorgeous but now I can’t find the name of the necklace nor do I see it on their website but here is a picture of it:

Lotus Blossom Design

I love it!  I actually loved it so much I gave it to my mom to wear on Friday!  So we were both wearing the necklaces I got on Friday!

I’m not going to lie, I’ve done pretty well with the giveaways.  I also won a giveaway from Sara Elizabeth from Pearls & Curls.  Have you seen those awesome Vino2Go cups from Product Farm?  I have and I’ve been wanting one since the first one I saw because I love wine!  I won one from Sara Elizabeth and it arrived yesterday!  Of course I had to break it open right away:

Vino2Go  Vino2Go Vino2Go

And break out the wine:

Vino2Go  Vino2Go

And relax in the amazing weather we’ve been having:


Yup, living the nice life!

Some big changes coming up: I bought a fancy camera!  No more (soon) iphone pictures dominating my blog!  It should arrive tomorrow so I’ll post about that.  Also, I am changing my blog name and rebranding!  I’ve decided now that I’m posting regularly and getting into the blogging world, I should have a blog name that people can pronounce so be on the lookout for that release!

I’m also going to my first blog event on Saturday!  I cannot wait to tell you all about that!!!

Influenster Box-Palmolive Dish Soap

So how many people actually like doing dishes?  I’m going to venture to guess not many.  One of the worst things about living in New York (besides the tiny kitchens and shared bathrooms!) was the fact that we didn’t have a dishwasher.  I’ll be honest, this made me less inclined to cook.  There are definitely dishes I will put into the dishwasher and dishes that I will was by hand (pots, knives, anything wooden, etc) but nothing is worse than making a huge meal and then have to go back and wash all the dishes.  So I’m quite glad to be back in the land of personal bathrooms and dishwashers!

But right before I left New York, influenster was kind enough to send me two full sized Palmolive soft touch dish soap.  I felt super lucky because I know a lot of people had broken bottles full of dish soap and mine was intact.  I received a coconut one and a pretty pink vitamin E.

I gave the coconut to my biffle and kept the pink one to bring back to Oregon with me.  Both my mom and I have been using the vitamin E for about three weeks now and really love it.  It’s getting our orange juicer clean every morning (yes, one of the amazing benefits of living at home with my mother is a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice every morning!  I also love the smell and the cute pink color ain’t so bad either.

Palmolive and the Biffle


The biffle, posing outside our fabulous brownstone, also enjoyed it.  She loved the fresh coconut smell and was thrilled to have received a full bottle of dish soap right when she had run out of it.

She took a coupon and we gave some to her mother who just moved to a new place and definitely needed dish soap!

I will definitely be purchasing Palmolive dish soap again and appreciate the opportunity that influenster and Palmolive gave me to write my first review!



I received this item as a gift from Palmolive but all opinions are my own.

Birchbox May Reveal and major apologies

So I need to start with major apologies.  I am down to one week in New York and it’s crazy!  I was in Los Angeles for my sister’s college graduation (pics to come later) and it was FABULOUS!  I took a red eye back to NYC Sunday night-Monday morning and that was incredibly hard.  I love the ideas of a red eye-not wasting a day traveling but as I’m getting older, they are getting harder and harder to do.

This past week and next week are definitely being spent finishing things up at work and trying to experience New York as much as possible before I leave in one week, eek!  My father is actually flying out here and we are driving back to Oregon in a SUV with my cat, fun times 🙂  I’m positive we will all survive but I will keep you posted.

May Birchbox was pretty fun-still enjoying and in fact gifted my mom a three month subscription for her birthday and mother’s day.  I got an email from her excited to share with me when I get home–I’m excited for that!

May Birchbox  Inside of Birchbox


I’ll be honest, it’s been a busy month so I haven’t had a ton of time to try everything.

Birchbox Eyeliner

I was excited to get an eyeliner because I recently had a near brush with pink eye (they thought I had it but it was misdiagnosed–argh!) so I had to throw away my nice stila eyeliner.  I liked how smooth it was but found the black to be a little harsh after the lighter browns I’ve been using.  I’ll probably keep using it until I get around to buying a new one.

Birchbox toothpaste


I should have brought this with me to LA last weekend because I forgot toothpaste!  But it will drive cross country with me and be my toothpaste then.  I look forward to trying it.

Birchbox sunscreen


Again haven’t tried yet but am looking forward to trying new sunscreen.  I’ve been pretty sensitive with sunscreen the past several years-only using Aveeno on my body and Boscia on my face but am hoping this one will work!




Birchbox hair mask


I just won a contest of face items with Sea Buckthorn from Santana at http://www.curlygirlbeauty.org/ so I’m excited to try this mask with the same ingredient.

Birchbox Tea


As we know, I am very excited about tea and can’t wait to try it.

So all in all, another super fun box from Birchbox and I look forward to trying things out with my mom soon!

If you are interested in Birchbox, use my link to register: http://birch.ly/10Skw2o

I will do my best to post next week but no promises as I am out doing stuff EVERY SINGLE DAY and then I am driving cross-country.  But, I know that when I get home, I will have some good time to post about all the fun shenanigans I will be getting into this coming week as well as the fun times in the past week and a half!

Have a great holiday weekend!!!!


Mug O’ Comfort Swap

mugocomfortswapI was so excited and honored to be a part of Mug o’ Comfort Swap through Chaotic Goddess Swaps!

I was paired with the delightful Beth from Living a Goddess Life!  She lives in Seattle which is only four hours from my hometown of Portland, Oregon and we’ve been exchanging fabulous emails and I’m loving my new friend and blogging buddy!

So thanks to the pain in the butt that is the New York mail system I didn’t ghet my package until Friday 😦 but it is WELL WORTH THE WAIT!!!!


Love that the package was wrapped with pink zebra striped duct tape!  It made the package much more fun than boring shipping tape!





The package was full of so many awesome goodies:


An awesome hot pad to rest my teapots or hot mugs–I love that she crafted it all herself!  I look forward to putting my teapot on it soon!  I also LOVE that everything had a note that explained!


I love Chai and I love the purple orca spiced chai!  I can’t wait to try this!  Chai is definitely a newer obsession of mine.



Three whole different kinds of coffee!  Even though it was ten o’clock last night when I opened it, the smell permeated through the house and I was ready to brew a cup of coffee right then and there!



Tea, tea, tea!  So many different kinds of tea that I am excited to add to my repertoire of tea drinks!  My favorite thing to do is have different types of tea every day lately so this is perfect!



Homemade hot chocolate mix, I am so excited for this one!  I love hot chocolate and I love that Beth made her own hot chocolate for me!



I love the colors of the mug and how shiny it is!



A book because what better than to sit with a hot drink and a fabulous book?  this one looks super interesting and I can’t wait to read it and get back to you.




The perfect card to go with the tea box!  The green stamp acts like a tea tag!

This was definitely the perfect way to join the blog linking party world and I look forward to participating in future swaps and more blog fun!

Thank you Beth for the amazing package!  And thank you Angie for getting me involved in this awesome swap!!!!!