A Night At the Movies: Clue

clue-movie-posterYes, as my friends know, I am incredibly lame when it comes to to movies.  I have seen very few of the movies that they would classify as classics that should have been seen.

Clue is definitely one of them.  A few months ago, my good friend brought over The Princess Bride over for me to watch–awesome 80’s movie, love Fred Savage and all the super kitschy effects.  She also brought over Clue and left it for me to watch at a later time.

So last night was that later time.  My roommate and I went out to dinner and then decided to watch some good old 80’s kitsch.

I grew up playing the game Clue and loved it.  I always played Miss Scarlett because I loved the color red and she was the hottest character there was.  I also loved the quote, “Husbands should be like kleenex: soft, strong and disposable.”  Love that quote.

And much to no one’s surprise, I loved the movie too.  The slapstick comedy and humor reminded me of the types of stuff I loved growing up-being into improv and a total theater geek.  I also loved all the different endings!    I loved how it said, “this is how it could have ended but maybe it ended like this . . . ”

Definitely a movie I will watch again, along with The Princess Bride.  Any other 80’s classic films I should watch to make sure I am relevant in the references of my childhood?