Swap: Mug O’ Comfort

Super excited to be participating in my first ever swap!  I found this through one of the amazing blogs I read.

The swap is all about coffee, hot chocolate and TEA!  As you all know, I am currently obsessed with tea so this should be a perfect match!  Check out the following link for more information to get involved:


I can’t wait to send a package of all my favorite mug-worthy drinks!!

My Latest Obsession: David’s Tea

I know that I’ve been AWOL lately.  There are a lot of things going on and a lot of things I’m in the process of deciding . . . stay tuned for things to come.

I have been reading more and more amazing blogs and really hope to become a part of the phenomenal blogging community that exists–any current bloggers out there: I would love a mentor as I navigate trying to make this into a consistent part of my life.

David's Tea

I am a lifelong coffee drinker.  I blame my Italian genes!  I remember when I was ten years old or so, my mother saying to my brother (three years younger) and I that if we drank a cup of black coffee that we could start drinking coffee. Oh boy oh boy!  I drank that cup of coffee (it may have taken me an hour) but I drank it!  Sadly it was another couple of years before I was truly allowed to start drinking coffee.

BUT after that, all bets were off.  I was a coffee connoisseur!  Over the years I have drunk lots of coffee from your crappy drip to small roasted brews.  In fact, my favorite small roaster brewery right now is Blue Kangaroo Coffee Roasters in SE Portland, Oregon.  I do drink coffee but mostly because it’s consistent here on the East Coast where I have yet to find amazing coffee.

Over the last few years I’ve realized that caffeine in coffee can be NO fun for me, especially if I drink it after three PM, forget about sleeping that night!  But I do love sipping something at my desk or throughout the day.  So I’ve decided to really embrace tea.  It’s a struggle because as a kid, it was the stuff you drank when you were sick and not many other times.

But tea, as I’m sure many people know, is so varied and not just the packets of earl gray or lipton’s.  About a year ago I was wandering around the West Village when my roommate and I found a place called David’s Tea.  We went in and were floored with the number of different teas.  I had a blast smelling my way through the store.  I ended up leaving with two different teas: Read my Lips, a yummy peppermint chocolate tea and Glitter and Gold, a cinnamon black tea that sparkles.

I was hooked.  A few months ago, they opened up a David’s Tea in my neighborhood of Park Slope Brooklyn.  Since then I’m on a constant quest to discover new teas.  This winter I fell in love with Cookie Dough which surprised me because it’s the first non-black tea I’ve liked.  Then about a month ago I discovered Red Velvet Cake–yum!  Add a bit of milk and some sweetener (or not) and it’s a low-cal dessert in a cup!

I happened to be near there today and decided to stop in for a container of Red Velvet since I’m running out and was devastated that they were out.  But one of the fabulous things about David’s Tea is how knowledgeable the staff is.  They are totally fine with you spending hours sniffing tea and love talking about their teas.  One thing I’ve been always impressed with is how knowledgable they all are about tea and about finding different flavors you may enjoy.  Even though I went in expecting to leave with one thing, I left with many others instead!

I ended up leaving there with a sampler pack called the chocolate box which includes: Red Velvet Cake, Read My Lips, (yes, two oldie but goodie favorites), chocolate rocket, mint chocolate rooibos, chocolate orange and love tea #7.

I love the reusable mini tins!

I love the reusable mini tins!


I also picked up 2 oz packets of Salted Caramel, Stormy Night, and Birthday Cake.

I will definitely be in tea heaven for awhile!

I know that David, the owner, wrote his business plan for this company while in college in Canada and then made it come true–super inspirational!  There are stores around Canada, the East Coast, and the Bay Area.  I personally think one should open up in Portland, OR!

In the meantime, I will do my best to do better about posting on a regular basis.