On My Bookshelf: Collateral by Ellen Hopkins


Collateral Have you ever started a book and struggled?  Not because you didn’t like it but because it was just too much?

I don’t have this happen often but it is happening now with this book.  I am reading Collateral on my nook by Ellen Hopkins.  At first I was confused because it’s written in free-form poetry and I wasn’t expecting that.  I thought that it was the prologue and then the rest of the book would be a regular fiction novel.  After about chapter three (it’s a 600 page book) I looked on Good Reads and realized that this is Hopkins method of writing.  So no big deal, I adjusted my thought process and continued reading.


Well I am now on about page 250 and I just had to put the book down last night.  I have no real connection to American soldiers–I know very few people who have been to Iraq or who are even military or military families.  This story is about a non-military girl who falls in love with a Marine and their relationship.  I know based on the blurbs that she starts up with a non-military person at some point in the book but so far, she’s just met that other person.

I’m not sure what it is that’s hitting me about this book.  My only real background with military is the fact that in Israel, where I lived for four years, everyone is required to serve.  I received an exemption from the military based on the fact that I was injured in a bombing but everyone I know who lives there still did serve and I know that some of them have been through some horrific things during their time.

Perhaps my struggle with this book is how close to terrorism it is.  Although there is no terrorist attack happening in the book, we do hear about Cole, the boyfriend’s, experiences in Iraq.

I’m not sure what it is about this book but it is having a profound effect on me and even though I really want to plow through and finish reading it because it is so well written, I’m having to take a breather from it.

Has that happened to you?  What books have caused you to need some space away?