Foodie Fridays: Tea for Two

I love the act of tea.  I love having a traditional tea.  I’ve been to a few really great places over time.  My biffle, Jen, and I went to The Empress Hotel tea on our Alaska cruise in September, we did a tea at Disneyworld, one of my favorite tea places is in Springfield, OR-Ruthie B’s, which sadly has since closed.  I also have a favorite in Lincoln City, OR-Serindiptea-which apparently is also out of business. . . . thanks internet for dashing all my tea dreams right now!

But living in New York there is definitely no shortage of awesome tea places.  I have had the opportunity to visit two of them this year.  Jen actually went with me to both of them!

The first one was at The Plaza, ahh the epitome of class and style.  When I think of stylish places to go to, this is definitely the first one that comes to mind.  My parents came to visit in October so Jen and I decided to take my mother there for a girls afternoon.  My father had his own great time-attending a football game with his brother, much more his speed anyway!

The Plaza was definitely very elegant and I felt very much like a little girl living her big girl dream.  They had a few different options for tea meals and were very good about changes if needed.

The Plaza

I definitely loved the Eloise plates even though I never really read Eloise growing up.  The ceiling was impressive as were the pillars!

The second tea place in New York that I’ve now been to twice is Lady Mendl’s.  This is located in an inn in Greenwich Village and is very unassuming.  The first time we went, we almost walked right past it.  That was for my birthday in August.

The second time we went, Russell took Jen and I for our Hanukkah gift.  We had a fabulous time!

decorationEverything is super beautiful and set up extremely elegantly.  The services is impeccable-with people always making sure you have exactly what you need.







Of course, being the three of us, none of us wanted the same type of tea.

Our tea types:

Rachel: Lavender Mint

Jen: Assam

Russell: Orange Pekoe

Very reflective of our tastes 🙂




Every tea starts with a butternut squash tartlet (bottom left) which is tasty.

This is followed by an assortment of sandwiches:

Smoked salmon on pumpernickel with sunflower seeds.

Cream cheese cucumber on white bread

Egg salad on rye-with raw onions-yuck

Turkey cranberry on wheat.

Then then give you a butter scone and cranberry scone with raspberry jam and, my personal favorite, devonshire clotted cream. . . you will see later on, I am addicted to this stuff.



Then comes the desserts.  The main dessert that they are known for is a multi crepe layer cake that is french vanilla with raspberry creme–super yum.

There was also an assortment of tea cakes and cookies as well as a chocolate covered strawberry but the cake is usually more than enough.

The extra clotted cream that may or may not have been brought just for me.






At each setting is a sugar cube with a rose on it.  The tables are elegantly set.

Jen drinking her assam.

Me with my bowl of clotted cream. . . I promise I didn’t just eat it plain . . . not much of it anyway!





The decoration is very much British Victorian in flavor and they do a great job of paying attention to detail.  Both times we’ve been there, there have been private events going on-baby showers, bridal showers, etc.  Definitely a place I love and would return to again!

Tea times are absolutely one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon.  In fact I am currently very jealous of Jen who is in London and just posted on Facebook a teatime service. . . . I wish I was there!!!  What are some of your favorite tea spots?  Are there any good ones on the West Coast I should know about or in New York?