Influenster Box-Palmolive Dish Soap

So how many people actually like doing dishes?  I’m going to venture to guess not many.  One of the worst things about living in New York (besides the tiny kitchens and shared bathrooms!) was the fact that we didn’t have a dishwasher.  I’ll be honest, this made me less inclined to cook.  There are definitely dishes I will put into the dishwasher and dishes that I will was by hand (pots, knives, anything wooden, etc) but nothing is worse than making a huge meal and then have to go back and wash all the dishes.  So I’m quite glad to be back in the land of personal bathrooms and dishwashers!

But right before I left New York, influenster was kind enough to send me two full sized Palmolive soft touch dish soap.  I felt super lucky because I know a lot of people had broken bottles full of dish soap and mine was intact.  I received a coconut one and a pretty pink vitamin E.

I gave the coconut to my biffle and kept the pink one to bring back to Oregon with me.  Both my mom and I have been using the vitamin E for about three weeks now and really love it.  It’s getting our orange juicer clean every morning (yes, one of the amazing benefits of living at home with my mother is a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice every morning!  I also love the smell and the cute pink color ain’t so bad either.

Palmolive and the Biffle


The biffle, posing outside our fabulous brownstone, also enjoyed it.  She loved the fresh coconut smell and was thrilled to have received a full bottle of dish soap right when she had run out of it.

She took a coupon and we gave some to her mother who just moved to a new place and definitely needed dish soap!

I will definitely be purchasing Palmolive dish soap again and appreciate the opportunity that influenster and Palmolive gave me to write my first review!



I received this item as a gift from Palmolive but all opinions are my own.