Books ‘n’ Bloggers Swap!

So my first swap went so well, I’ve decided to sign up for another one!!!


I am super excited to participate in this one because I LOVE reading!!  This one is put on by the same awesome people who did mug o’comfort, and as you recall, I got some pretty awesome stuff!  This one ends with me getting three books–couldn’t make me happier!  I can’t wait to get shopping!!

If you are interested in joining in, click on through:

Chaotic Goddess Swaps Books ‘n’ Bloggers Signup Post

Swap: Mug O’ Comfort

Super excited to be participating in my first ever swap!  I found this through one of the amazing blogs I read.

The swap is all about coffee, hot chocolate and TEA!  As you all know, I am currently obsessed with tea so this should be a perfect match!  Check out the following link for more information to get involved:


I can’t wait to send a package of all my favorite mug-worthy drinks!!